Travcar's Saleens

1997 Supercharged

Saleen S351 Speedster #97-0014


2013 Supercharged

Saleen 351 Speedster #13-001


Saleen and Mustang Club of America Shows

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Races and Car Shows



2013 Supercharged Saleen Speedster #001

Prototype for the New 2014 Saleen 351



April 21, 2013 Debut of this Saleen 351

at the Knott’s Berry Farm Fabulous Fords Forever

Building of Saleen 351 #001

Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Owners Club (SOEC) Newsletters


 1997 Saleen S351 Page

1997 Saleen S351 Features Page


2935 Wardlow Rd.

Corona, California

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Saleen Automotive Press

Steve Mark Saleen

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Saleen Dealers



Saleen Dealer Friends of Saleen 351 #13-001


Gulfshore Mustang Club of Southwest Florida

Below is one of my Favorite Photo!

It was taken at the MCA National Show

August 13, 2006 in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Left – 1991 Supercharged Saleen 302 #91-001 (Sold in 2010)

Right – 1997 Supercharged Saleen S351 #97-0014


#07-0014 Supercharged S281 Saleen Mustang

This beauty went to a new home in 2012.

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

July 5-19, 2015

Schenley Park Vintage Races & Car Shows

July 18&19, 2015


As available, details about the PVGP events can be found at:


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1997 S351 Saleen Mustang Speedster

1997 S351 Saleen Mustang Features

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Saleen Mustang 2002- 01 S281E

Saleen Mustang 2002- 02 S281E

Saleen S7 At Michigan’s Woodward Dream Cruise 2002

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Mustangs in Charlotte April 1999

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